JDB FT beat Maulana FT 5-1

Daniel Lim

Belait District Office FT (JDB FT) bested Maulana FT 5-1 during a match in the Belait District Football Tournament 2019 at the Seria Arena Football Field last Sunday.

JDB FT started strong early in the match with a goal at the three minute mark by Safuan Johar, who continued to bagged his hat-trick after scoring two more goals in the 23rd and 30th minutes.

Safuan’s teammate Hamizan Aziz Sulaiman found the net right before the half-time mark, providing JDB FT with a sizeable lead.

In the second half, Maulana FT pushed hard on the offence, however JDB FT caught them off guard and scored another goal from a counter-attack through Pengiran Md Sallehudin bin Pengiran Haji Idris in the 58th minute.

Maulana FT scored a consolation goal in the dying minutes through Abdul Syafiq bin Abdul Khaliq.

The next match will be held on September 8 between Akhdan FT and Hawa FT.

JDB FT and Maulana FT players in action. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM