Iraq reinstates over 13,000 policemen previously fired after IS seizes Mosul

BAGHDAD (Xinhua) – The Iraqi Interior Ministry reinstated over 13,000 police personnel fired after the extremist Islamic State (IS) militants took control of Iraq’s northern city of Mosul in 2014.

Iraqi Interior Minister Yassin al-Yasiri said in a press conference during his visit to Mosul that “the ministry of interior decided to reinstate 13,252 police officers and policemen in Mosul’s local police force after their files were scrutinised to confirm that they did not join the terrorist IS group organisation during the period of its control to Mosul”.

For his part, Brigadier General Abdul Kareem al-Jubouri, from Nineveh’s Operations Command, revealed in the press conference that the number of policemen arrested and killed by IS militants during its control of the city reached 733, pointing out that the Nineveh police command had more than 24,000 police personnel before IS took over the city.