Harry Styles’ video shoot annoys tourists

HARRY Styles left tourists in Scotland annoyed by taking over a harbour for his music video shoot.

The 25-year-old singer travelled to the remote fishing village of St Abbs, on the southeastern coast of Scotland, to work on the video for his upcoming single this week but tourists were unimpressed as they couldn’t access the harbour and were unable to enjoy any fresh crab rolls.

German artist and coder Mario Klingemann wrote on his verified Twitter account, “I didn’t know who Harry Styles was until today when I learned that he’s the guy who blocked off the entire St Abbs harbour and prevented us to enjoy our fresh crab rolls.”

When Harry’s fans questioned him on not knowing who Harry was, he answered, “(I’ve been living) in old-people lala-land it appears. Yeah, the name rings a bell, but my heydays of being a music fan happened more in the mid-80s to mid-90s, so I hope that explains my ignorance for anything post-2000.”

However, Mario insisted his day hadn’t been entirely ruined, tweeting later, “I had a marvelous day at the beach and if it wasn’t for Twitter constantly reminding me about it I would probably already have forgotten about my missed date with that crab roll.”

Last week, Harry tried to keep his music video shoot in Mexico a secret by pretending it was a mayonnaise advert.

The Kiwi hitmaker’s team tried their hardest to keep the major filming for the promo under wraps, but the sheer capacity of Harry’s crew and security and the fact he was spotted by fans in Lombardo Toledano in Cancun, Mexico, as they filmed scenes at 20 buildings, including a yellow property, gave it away. – BANG!