Fun-filled weekend for shoppers at OneCity Shopping Centre

OneCity Shopping Centre will be having their last day of get-together weekend 2019 today. The event, which started on Friday, was organised by OneCity Shopping Centre and co-organised by the Nutty Scientists Brunei, Yo-Splinter Club, PEMKAR Association and Timezone Edutainment.

On Friday, a colouring contest with 34 contestants was held.

Anis Amir won the first place in Category A. Noor Mohd Rahmat Dini Salim won second place and Iffah Amir won third place.

For Category B, Elysia Lim Pei Ying was the champion. Isaac Tiong Ing Hoe won second place while Noor Rahmatina binti Salim won third place.

There will also be two sessions of demonstrations from Nutty Scientists Brunei today at 3pm and 7pm. Parents are welcome to bring their children to watch the demonstrations live as they use interactive, hands-on methods to teach a variety of scientific concepts.

OneCity also announced it will be holding several events in the near future.

Nutty Scientists Brunei conducts a demonstration for the crowd. PHOTO: ONECITY