Fruit festival strengthens bonds

James Kon

With the local fruit season at its peak, exotic local fruit are available at the Gadong Night Market.

Durian, rambutan, langsat, cempedak, jackfruit, tarap, mangosteen and many other fruit are available for visitors to choose from.

On Wednesday night, Concepts Computer hosted a Fruit Festival get-together for staff, their family members and friends from the media. General Manager of Concepts Computer Vincent Pao and spouse Alice Chan welcomed the guests.

The Fruit Festival get-together is a semi-regular seasonal event held for the participants to strengthen ties, and spend time together, and also for the invitees to indulge in local fruit.

Vincent Pao said, “We give importance to strengthening the bonds between everyone, and there’s no better way to bond than over a great selection of local fruit.”

Meanwhile, Concepts Computer will participate in the TechXpo, held from August 28 to September 1 at Bridex Hall in Jerudong.

General Manager of Concepts Computer Vincent Pao with staff members and invited guests at the Fruit Festival get-together. PHOTO: JAMES KON