Foreigner spared from mid-flight assault charges

Fadley Faisal

An Egyptian woman has been spared from court proceedings on the charge of mid-flight assault, after the Magistrate’s Court discharged her yesterday with the victim’s blessings.

Hanaa William Abdel Malik, 47, represented by lawyer Rozaiman bin Abdul Rahman, is now free from the allegations of hitting the 23-year-old woman on the head with a serving tray while aboard RB flight BI008 from Dubai to Bandar Seri Begawan, on May 26.

Chief Magistrate Pengiran Masni binti Pengiran Haji Bahar called the victim to the front to confirm her willingness to compound the case, before exercising her own powers in letting the defendant free.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Hajah ‘Adzimah Mukarramah binti Haji Salleh prosecuted the case.