Examination results released

Azlan Othman

The Examination Department of the Ministry of Education (MoE) has released the results of the Brunei-Cambridge Examination GCE ‘A’, ‘AS’ and ‘O’ Level and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) May/June 2019.

For the Brunei Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level examination, of the 127 candidates who took the exam, 97 (76.38 per cent) achieved at least one ‘A’ Level. In total, those who obtained at least two ‘A’ Levels were 45 candidates (35.43 per cent).

For the Brunei-Cambridge Examination GCE ‘AS’ Level, of the 1,527 candidates who took the ‘AS’ Level, 1,456 (95.35 per cent) of the candidates achieved at least one ‘AS’ Level. A total of 1,221 (79.96 per cent) candidates earned at least two ‘AS’ Levels.

For the Brunei-Cambridge examination GCE ‘O’ Level, 1,833 candidates (excluding those who sit for one or two subjects) took the exam between three and nine subjects. There were 225 candidates taking between five and nine subjects, and out of this, 79 (35.11 per cent) got five ‘O’ credit levels and above. Students can get their results slip at their schools while private candidates can collect theirs at the Examination Department during office hours.

Candidates who wish to sit for the examination to improve their performance in October/November can apply for ‘Late Entry’ at the expense of Late Entry Fee for each subject taken. Forms and registration information can be obtained from the department. The closing date for the ‘Late Entry’ registration is September 4.