English Heritage tests video review tech for jousting

LONDON (AP) — Medieval is meeting modern as English Heritage tests video review technology for jousting.

English Heritage, a charity that manages monuments and castles, says accuracy is vital in jousting, a sport in which participants on horseback charging at speeds up to 48kph win points by using 3.7-metre lances to strike parts of the shield or helmet of their opponent.

Organisers hope that technology will lead to more precision in scoring. English Heritage’s Emily Sewell said determining a score “currently requires our Knight Marshall to accurately observe the location of each hit every time, which is quite a challenge”.

The recent trial took place at Pendennis Castle in Cornwall.

English Heritage is campaigning to have jousting be recognised as an Olympic sport.

Medieval jousting is being brought up-to-date with tests to use VAR Hawk-Eye video review technology to make sure scoring is accurate, with English Heritage testing the new tech, in Framlington, England on July 31, ahead of the upcoming 2019 season of jousting competitions. – AP