Emergency calls on the rise, snakes top the list

James Kon

THE Fire and Rescue Department has seen an increase in emergency calls for July this year. Of the 513 calls received, 206 were on snakes.

Firefighters had to douse bush and forest fires after receiving 62 calls while the department also received 22 calls to rescue cats and dogs, department statistics revealed.

Eleven calls were also received on vehicles catching fire, three on building fire and another three on traffic and vehicle accidents.

The statistics revealed that there were 370 emergency calls from the Brunei-Muara District, 82 from Belait District, 48 from Tutong District and 13 from the Temburong District.

The number of bush and forest fires had also seen an increase and the department requested the public to not carry open burning in house compounds, plantation clearing areas and construction sites as the fire can spread.

The public was also requested to not throw cigarette butts haphazardly.

Persons participating in recreational activities in the forest are urged not to start campfires and if there is a campfire, it should be doused before leaving.

Meanwhile, drivers are requested to reduce speed in areas where there are forest fires as the smoke can affect vision.

Overloading of electrical systems, unattended charcoal and cooking, gas leakage, vape battery, children playing with fire, lighted cigarettes and mosquito coils, arson and heat from the sunlight were among the causes of building and house fire, Fire and Rescue Department investigations revealed.

The department urged the public not to overload electricity, ensure wiring is carried out by personnel accredited by the Department of Electrical Services, switch off electrical equipment when not in use and equip homes with a fire extinguisher and a fire alarm.

A number of reason were highlighted for vehicles catching fire. Among them were electrical problems in the engine, faulty electrical system component in the engine, faulty wiring system, faulty anti-Lock braking system, faulty fuse box in the engine, mechanical problem, leakage of oil hose and loose connection.

Meanwhile, cases of suspicious fire were directed to the Police.

Other main causes of vehicle fires were manufacturers’ defect, vehicle not being maintained, human error and negligence.

The department advised vehicle owners to seek experts’ advice when modifying wiring of a vehicle, to get authorised mechanics to repair vehicles and wiring systems and service the vehicle frequently.

During an emergency, the public can contact the Fire and Rescue Operation Centre on 995 for assistance.