Durians land serial thief behind bars

Fadley Faisal

The Magistrate’s Court yesterday told a local man to ponder on his long list of previous theft convictions, after sentencing him to a month’s imprisonment for stealing durians.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Hajah ‘Adzimah Mukarramah binti Haji Salleh informed the court that Mohammad Shahmir bin Bujang, 43, who is unemployed, had been loitering around a residential area in STKRJ Lorong 3 in Seria, at 1.19am, on August 3.

He came across a house and entered the compound, after making sure there was no one nearby.

The defendant then went to the back of the house and saw six durians in a basket on the ground, which he took and placed near a drain in front of the building.

He then scouted for aluminium cans around the house, which he intended to use in selling the durians.

The defendant’s actions were captured by a CCTV camera belonging to the neighbouring house occupant, who grew suspicious and asked the defendant what he was doing. The defendant replied that he had been fishing, and crossed over from the back of the house.

By chance, he came across some police officers on patrol duty, and was arrested after they questioned him and the neighbour.

The neighbour texted the victimised house owner, who confirmed the theft after witnessing the CCTV footage.

Magistrate Mohammad Marzuqi bin Sabtu presided over the case.