DST, UTB join forces on Smart Environment, Farming

Wani Roslan

Datastream Technology (DST) entered into a new collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) in line with the university’s aim to develop Smart Environment and Smart Farming.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in this regard was signed between DST and UTB at UTB’s Main Conference Room yesterday.

Signing on behalf of DST was its Acting Chief Executive Officer Radin Sufri bin Radin Basiuni while UTB Acting Vice-Chancellor Haji Ady Syarmin bin Haji Md Taib signed on behalf of UTB.

Smart Environment is an idea to build an environment with technologies such as sensors and displays, to better understand and control the environment. Smart Farming is another idea that embeds modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into agriculture.

The collaboration will result in research projects that will be conducted in Brunei. This includes the Peatland Project, which is the monitoring of peat swamp at Badas for the Networked ASEAN Peat Swamp Forest Communities as well as the Paddy Project, which is the mesh-topological low-power wireless network platform for a smart watering system for paddy plantation at Wasan.

The Memorandum of Understanding exchange between UTB and DST. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI

Both projects are funded by ASEAN ICT Virtual Organisation projects of 2018 from the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, NICT JAPAN.

Results and analysis from the project will be used to improve farming in Brunei.

Manager of DST and project coordinator for DST’s contributions Freddie Ting said, “Emerging technologies in this digital age and the move towards the 4th Industrial Revolution are set to change and improve on Smart Cities. Agriculture is currently using these new technologies for creating what we now call Smart Agriculture with the use of data and analytics.”

He added, “Data and analytics have many benefits, and agriculture has more data than almost any other industry. Farmers around the world are using data and analytics to increase food production to help meet the ever-growing global demand.”

“DST is pleased to support UTB in their Smart Agriculture initiative using modern high technology that sustainably increases the quantity and quality of agricultural products and support the nation’s objectives to implement Smart City solutions leading to delivering real, long term benefits for businesses and citizens alike,” Ting said.