Double gold for Brunei in opening day of Asian Junior Wushu Championships

Fadhil Yunus

Brunei Darussalam bagged two gold medals in the morning session of the opening day of the 10th Asian Junior Wushu Championships at the Indoor Stadium of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex yesterday.

The pairing of Majdurano Joel bin Majallah Sain and Mohammad Safiee Shayferan bin Roslan grabbed gold in the boy’s duel youth event after they accumulated 9.55 points.

The accomplishment by the Brunei’s young wushu practitioners was swiftly matched in the next event when Brunei’s duo Nur Batrisyia Ripin and Dexuan Ling scooped in the girl’s duel youth event. The hosts enjoyed a fast start with successive gold medals in taolu.

The Brunei girls’ duo registered a total of 9.33 points, ahead of Hong Kong’s Wing Tung Yim, Po Yan Lau and Michelle Yeung with 9.30 points and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Fatemeh Jazini Dorcheh and Monireh Panahi Dorcheh with 9.23 points.

Hong Kong’s Kwan Ho Kwok, Yat Sing Leung and Lok Man Ngan claimed the silver medal with 9.35 points in the boy’s duel event followed by Taiwan’s Bo Ren Cai, Wen Sheng Huang and Chang Min Lu with 9.31 points.

Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak ‘Aliiyah Amalul Bulqiah with Brunei’s gold medallists. PHOTO: WUSHU FEDERATION OF BRUNEI DARUSSALAM

Brunei young star Majdurano Joel highlighted that their hard work in training paid off after he and his teammate Mohammad Safiee Shayferan delivered gold in front of the home crowd.

The pair attended a month-long intensive training camp in China to fine-tune their duel event as part of their preparations for the prestigious international meet.

“We did not expect to win gold honestly but we trained for a long time especially for a month in China. We feel proud to win gold because our hard work is finally paid off. We’re very grateful on what we have achieved,” said Majdurano Joel in an interview with the Bulletin.

The Brunei pair was the first athletes to represent the hosts in the championship but was prepared to give their best despite the pressure associated with the competition.

“As you know, Brunei is hosting the Asian Junior Wushu Championships for the first time. Obviously, there is enormous pressure for us as we are only used to competing overseas.”

He added, “When we compete on home ground, the pressure is huge and the expectation is also high. But we have already trained well and the most important thing is to do our best for the country. We have also been mentally prepared to keep calm, to have a strong heart and to stay focussed without being too concerned on others.”

The 16-year old also took the opportunity to thank his coach, family and friends for their unwavering support not just for the competition but throughout his career.

“I would like to thank the coach who has worked hard in helping us and devoting a lot of their time to train us until we succeed and win gold. To our family members especially our parents, we are very grateful because they have supported us since day one, provided us a push and provided us a motivational talk so that we never give up and encouraged us to attend training.”

He continued, “To our friends, we are thankful to have their support even though they couldn’t come to see us in the tournament. We know that you are supporting us from afar even though they are not in the arena.”

The Asian junior meet marked the first time that Majdurano Joel and Mohammad Safiee Shayferan has competed as a duo in a major international competition.

Meanwhile, Brunei Darussalam national coach Li Hui said that the two gold medals came from the sacrifice and hard work of the national wushu team.

In the boy’s changquan event, Brunei’s Mohammad Safiee Shayferan accumulated 9.00 points while in the boy’s gunshu junior event, Brunei’s Walid Lachkar collected 8.90 points.

China’s Bowei Chen grabbed gold in the boy’s changquan event after he registered 9.61 points with Korea’s Jeongyeol Park taking silver with 9.52 points and Malaysia’s Shin Peng Si settling for bronze with 9.35 points.

In the boy’s gunshu junior event, China’s Yi Li bagged gold after he collected 9.41 points while Philippines’ Mark Lester Ragay snatched silver with 9.34 points and Korea’s Seunghun Baek was awarded bronze with 9.33 points.

Brunei’s Yee Sean Lim finished in fourth place in the girl’s 42 forms taijijian junior event after she recorded 9.19 points with her compatriot Ziyan Li in fifth place with 9.09 points.

China’s Jiayi Xu struck gold after she posted 9.40 points while Vietnam’s Phuong Anh Do captured silver with 9.33 points and Singapore’s Jolie Goh taking bronze with 9.26 points.