Dolce & Gabbana’s jungle safari

AP/ AFP – Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana created a rich collection a jungle safari in khaki as the unusual label starting point, developing into striking graphic contrasts.

The designers departed from their recent spectacles, with a simply staged show down a leopard-clad runway with a lush, tropical background. There were no drones, no influencers, no performers and no selfies being projected onto runway screens.

The silhouette had a 1940s influence, with high-waist trousers and short-waist jackets with safari pockets and of course Panama hats. Pin-up girls served as a repeating motif, with such tongue-in-cheek slogans as ‘Bring Me to the Moon’, ‘Chill & Love’, and ‘Choose Me’.

Banana and coconut prints lent whimsy to the collection; while leopard and tropical prints made striking three-piece outfits with long flowing overcoats styled after robes. Suits had brocade lapels. And leisure wear featured striped V-necks tucked into high-waist black-and-white polka dot trousers for graphic clarity.