CCMS showcase talents for a cause

Sharlene Tan

The first ever masterpiece creation of both Music and Drama clubs’, Musical Extravaganza, was held at the secondary school hall on July 20.

With the belief that each child is unique and has something to contribute to society and the world, teachers in charge, Malar Veny, Tan Cho Sian, Thien Koi Meng and Theophilus put their experiences together to project the hidden talents of Drama and Music Club members through their performances which will forever be remembered by the audience for the showcase of impressive acting, singing and musical talents.

Cinderfella, a modified ‘male’ version of the classic Cinderella, and Musical Interlude, a combination of singing talent and musical prodigy was a celebration of language and art put together, had no doubt captured the attention of members of the audience from all walks of life who were present that night.

The musical and acting activity had given the performers the opportunity to gain invaluable exposure to the use of the English Language and to express their extraordinary talents.

The tremendous support given by the audience through their laughter during the hilarious parts of the drama as well as the halo of their handphones when the performers sang their favourite songs, kept the enthusiasm of the actors and musical performers burning with fiery inspiration till the end of the event.

The night ended with a grand finale which introduced the performers of the night, along with a live band jamming to the audience. In conclusion, what a night that was!

Photos show performers at the event