Campaign inculcates love for Malay in students

|     Wani Roslan     |

THE Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) continued its Dudun DBP campaign at primary schools nationwide, as part of initiatives to promote and appreciate the Malay Language.

The campaign was held at Pusar Ulak Primary School recently, seeing the attendance of 190 students from Years 1-5.

The event commenced with a briefing delivered by Acting Head of Book Planning Section of DBP Hurul’Ain Nukhbah binti Rabaha.

Other activities included Cambah Kata, Sambung-sambung, Junjung Dialek, Susur Bahasa, Sahiba Jawi, Magic Box, Menyambung Pantun, Sahiba, and the sale of DBP books.

The campaign now focusses on primary students, but will eventually move on to secondary students.

Students engage in activities during the Dudun DBP campaign. – DBP