Brunei’s BJJ exponents shine in KK meet

Fadhil Yunus

Brunei Darussalam’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) contingent impressed in the Kota Kinabalu International BJJ & Nogi Championship 2019 after collecting a haul of nine gold, six silver and six bronze medals at the Likas Sports Complex, Sabah recently.

The annual tournament was part of the Sabah Fitness Festival, and has seen regular participation from Brunei athletes in past years, generally with good results.

A total of 21 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) practitioners from Brunei participated in the event with three local clubs represented including 15 competitors from Khalifa Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), five from The Refinery and one from Wolfpack.

In the brown belt event, Eazy Anuar of Khalifa MMA bagged gold in the Nogi (absolute) event while in the blue belt event, Hafiiz Suni of Khalifa MMA claimed two gold in Gi (light feather) and Nogi (feather). Adi Elmi of Khalifa MMA won bronze in Gi (feather).

There were 12 local medallists in the white belt event with Hafiz Haslen of Khalifa MMA winning two gold medals in Nogi (medium heavy) and Nogi (absolute).

Fatin Mahari of Khalifa MMA won one gold in Nogi (absolute) and two silver in Nogi (medium heavy) and Gi (super heavy). Rynnol Haikal of Wolfpack struck gold in Gi (light feather) and bronze in Nogi (Feather).

Eazy Anuar of Khalifa MMA competing in the Brown Belt Nogi open weight category. PHOTO: THE REFINERY BN

The other gold medallists came from Blayne Haubrich of The Refinery in Gi (medium heavy) and Miza Roslan of The Refinery in Gi (super heavy).

Airah Ash of The Refinery claimed silver in the Gi (absolute) and bronze in the Gi (medium heavy).

Fakhrul Dahari of Khalifa MMA snatched silver in Nogi (medium heavy) while club teammate Abdul A’lim won silver in the Gi (under 16). Ida Anjoulie of Khalifa MMA won silver in the Gi (light feather).

Meanwhile, the bronze medallists were Khalifa MMA trio of Mazjidi Majid (Gi feather), Mollie Saifuddin (Gi super heavy) and Jasmine Lim (Nogi light).

Fuzzzers, Ladies Coach at Khalifa Mixed Martial Arts said, “It was heart-warming to see the close bond between our competitors who supported each other by helping warm up and cheer each other despite being from different gyms.”

The coach added, “This is the biggest number of female competitors from Brunei signifying the success of JiujiteiraBN’s movement – building the BJJ sisterhood and empowering

women through BJJ.”

Local BJJ practitioners have been actively competing in regional and international competitions in recent years, earning numerous medals and gaining recognition for Brunei in the sport.

Meanwhile, there will be four representations competing in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) Asian Open in Tokyo, Japan from September 13-15.