Another year of examplary ‘A’ Level results from JIS students

Jerudong International School (JIS) students are celebrating another set of outstanding GCE ‘A’ Level results. Just over 10 per cent of the grades awarded to JIS’ Year 13 students were top A* grades.

JIS students achieved an outstanding A* or A grade in 29.7 per cent of all grades awarded and an impressive 55.76 per cent of all grades were A*, A or B.

Twenty-one students in Year 13 achieved either three or four A*/A grades.

The students with four A*/A are Iffah Idres, Zakwan Salleh, Fikri Ali, Janice Lim, Xin Ying Koh, Sandy Garimella, Ezra Sitorius, Rahul Uday Kumar and Nathan Kiu.

Principal of JIS Nicholas Sheehan said, “I am extremely pleased with these results as the proportion of top grades continues to grow at JIS, despite the qualifications getting tougher. It is a further endorsement of our students and teachers and the steps we take to maximise the potential of every student.

“We are thrilled with the performance of these students across the two years of their A-Level courses. Not only have they excelled academically, but they have truly seized upon the wonderful co-curricular and service opportunities available at Jerudong International School.

“We are very proud to be sending off such a batch of well-rounded and qualified individuals to the finest universities around the world.

“Together with their parents and the A-Level teachers, we are truly proud of them. Our students continue to ‘Achieve Excellence’ in all spheres of their lives.”

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show some of the students with four A*/A. PHOTOS: JIS