18 complete fire marshal training

Eighteen teaching and administration staff of Kemuda Institute recently underwent a three-day fire marshal training.

The training was organised by Kemuda Institute and facilitated by the Fire and Rescue Department.

The course was led by Station Officer Pengiran Haji Mohammad bin Pengiran Tengah and Public Relations Officer of Operations A Muhammad Najib bin Haji Adi.

The training included briefings, simulations, team-building exercises and visits to two fire stations – Bandar Seri Begawan Fire Station and Berakas Fire Station – and the Women Operation Unit.

The first and second days of the course comprised theoretical training on fire prevention and proper procedures for calling the fire and rescue emergency hotline. The attendees were also lectured on how to control the spread of fires, building safety and regulations, the different types of fire extinguishers and the proper procedures to vacate a building in the case of a fire.

On final day, the participants underwent practical training on theories they had learnt, including evacuation techniques when escaping a dark room, and rescuing and carrying victims.

The participants were also trained on how to identify the types of fire and selecting the right type of fire extinguishers.

ABOVE & BELOW: A participant extinguishes fire during the training; and participants in a group photo. PHOTO: KEMUDA INSTITUTE