16-year-old is latest young shooting victim in St Louis

ST LOUIS (AP) — Authorities said a 16-year-old aspiring football player in the United States (US) has been killed and an 18-year-old wounded in a St Louis shooting.

The St Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the shooting happened last Sunday in the Carr Square neighbourhood in the northern part of the city.

Family members said the slain teen was Jason Eberhart Jr. He is one of several children or teenagers fatally shot in St Louis city this summer.

His cousin, 49-year-old Charles Shelton, said Eberhart had “a lot of potential” and that the plan was “for him to follow his big brother in football”.

Eberhart’s brother, Antonio Phillips, plays football for Ball State University. His father played at the University of Illinois and has been a coach in the St Louis area.