Thai police save 49 victims of human trafficking

SONGKHLA (Bernama) – Thailand police saved 49 victims of human trafficking, including a four-year-old, in Songkhla, believed to be smuggled into Malaysia.

Child Protection, Women, Family and Human Trafficking Centre Director, General Sucheras Theerasawat said the police managed to rescue eight Myanmar nationals in a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) in Rattanaphum District, Songkhla at about 6am on Monday.

He said all victims were hidden in the back of the MPV, believed to be smuggled into Malaysia.

“Police arrested another two locals including a woman, who was the driver of the MPV.

“They admitted to have sent Myanmar nationals to Songkhla at least 10 times before being smuggled into Malaysia for a fee of 1,100 baht (RM100) per person,” he said.

Meanwhile, Suchat said the Thai police also saved 41 people, 22 Rohingya including a child and 19 Myanmar hidden in the forest in Bang Klam, Songkhla last Sunday.