Robbie Williams got 24-hour security over fears about alien life

ROBBIE Williams installed “24-hour security” over fears about alien life contacting him.

The Let Me Entertain You hitmaker insisted he has been scared to communicate with extra-terrestrials in case they spoke back to him, and it made him take measures by introducing round-the-clock security at his home.

Speaking to Jo Wood on the Alien Nation podcast, he explained, “The reason why I started having 24-hour security was not for my own safety, it was just because I was scared of what was happening around me when I was alone.

“I was always scared to talk to them because that would make it real and if it was just in my head then it would just be in my head.

“If I said it out loud then I would be more scared than I already was.”

The 45-year-old singer added he might have a “mental illness”, but admitted he was only saying that to appease any “sceptics”.

He said, “Maybe this is a mental illness. I don’t think so, but I have to put that out there for the sceptics.” – BANG!