Restaurant introduces Asian-inspired Italian dishes

|     Danial Norjidi     |

PASTAMANIA is inviting customers to welcome the summer season with their Asian Inspired Italian Favourites.

“Enjoy the summer vibes with your family and friends to a feast with affordable pricing to beat the summer heat,” said PastaMania.

“Indulge and truly savour the summer flavours with a sumptuous feast and dive into our splendid three all-new entrees, specially created by our master chefs: Miso Mollusco, Pollo Tonkatsu and Thai Red Curry Seafood.”

The Miso Mollusco is described as an “avalanche of mussels, clams and squids coated with miso cream, drizzled with tonkatsu sauce and sprinkled with bonito flakes.”

Another new chef-creation is the Pollo Tonkatsu, which is “baked chicken topped with a medley of Japanese flavoured tonkatsu mayo, onions and bonito flakes.”

The third chef-creation is the Thai Red Curry Seafood, described as “succulent prawns and squids smothered with original ‘Red Thai curry sauce’, tossed with broccoli and onions with refreshing lime.”

Customers can add on the Apple Mint Carafe, which is a “refreshing Apple Carafe with a dash of mint to indulge fully in the summer fusion selection”.