Pakistan High Commission celebrates Overseas Pakistanis Day, pays visit to senior citizens centre

ACTING High Commissioner of Pakistan to Brunei Darussalam Ahmed Ali Sirohey invited all community members along with their families to the Overseas Pakistanis Day celebration recently.

In his speech, Ahmed Ali Sirohey asked the community to benefit from the Pakistani government’s new initiatives and support drive to strengthen the economy of the country.

He added that the government had embarked upon the journey to put the country on track towards progress and prosperity.

Insya Allah, it will soon succeed in developing Pakistan on the pattern of the State of Madinah by ridding it of social and economic challenges.”

The incumbent government would continue to play its role in developing Pakistan into a real welfare state. The acting high commissioner also emphasised on their contribution by sending remittances, buying properties and sending their children for education to Pakistan, for it will help streamline the issues of foreign exchange.

Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan to Brunei Darussalam Ahmed Ali Sirohey in a group photo with overseas Pakistanis and Bruneians at the Overseas Pakistanis Day celebration. – PHOTOS: PAKISTAN HIGH COMMISSION
The Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan to Brunei Darussalam in a group photo with senior citizens at the Tutong Senior Citizens Activity Centre

He also advised them to avail the tax amnesty scheme and join hands with the government to uplift the country.

The acting high commissioner then mingled with the people asking them about their problems, issues, suggestions and comments.

He along with the community prayed to Allah the Almighty to make Pakistan a cradle of peace and prosperity.

A large number of Pakistanis as well as locals attended the event. It was the first time that such an event was held at the High Commission of Pakistan in Brunei Darussalam.

Meanwhile, the acting high commissioner visited the Tutong Senior Citizens Activity Centre (PKWE Tutong) on Thursday to spend time with the elderly by having breakfast as well as exchanging views and pleasantries.

He expressed intention to participate in welfare activities by the centre in the future.

The acting high commissioner said that Islam enjoins upon parents to have mercy on their children and respect the elderly, adding that the elderly are often seen as a burden rather than a blessing.

He said the people should value the wisdom and experience that the elderly have acquired throughout their lives, for they are a beacon of light for the younger generations.

He appreciated the facilities at PKWE Tutong for the senior citizens to recite Al-Quran, engage in social gatherings as well as participate in other activities.