No such thing as being ‘overqualified’

I AM tired of hearing ‘you are overqualified’, every time I apply for jobs or try to further my studies.

I am sure this is not the only time the issue has been brought up.

My question is why is this prevalent in Brunei Darussalam?

Unemployment is one of the issues the country is facing and yet jobseekers are getting the blame.

A number would start their own businesses as they are tired of waiting for job offers. Not many will be success fulas getting capital to start a business is difficult.

Another section would want to gain more skills by applying for either vocational or technical educations, thinking that this will increase their chances of getting a job or finding success with entrepreneurship.

They are, however, met with the same response when applying for jobs.

Referring to ‘Allow college, university graduates to take part in BPTV’ by Kamaluddin M published in the Opinion page of the Weekend Bulletin on July 6, the writer had a point that we should let graduates, especially those who are unemployed to apply for Technical and Vocational educations.

Why would you want to prevent someone from continuing their studies?

I hope the authorities can look into this issue.

– AJ