New fitness centre offers Bootcamp with world-class studio

|     Lyna Mohamad     |

SHINE X was a welcome addition to the Brunei fitness scene and seeks to inspire wellness and joyful living for all citizens.

Speaking to the Weekend Bulletin at the launch of Shine X on June 30, owner of Indoor Cycle Design and visionary behind Shine Cycle Barbara Chancey said that Bootcamp classes are widely praised and popular across the globe to build strength, burn fat, and promote mental toughness in a highly social, team-building atmosphere.

“The ‘rebellious side’ of Shine Cycle, the industrial-lux design includes intimate social spaces, luxurious locker rooms, and the highest quality bootcamp equipment available today – the Woodway Treadmill and Fitbench.”

She said that the Woodway Treadmill has a unique rubberised surface which absorbs energy at the point of impact to eliminate shock to the joints and offers the truest running feel, and the shock absorbing technology helps clients run longer and stronger for superior results.

The Fitbench contains all the equipment needed in one organised bench; a variety of kettlebells, hand weights, bands, and slam balls, making the workout suitable for all fitness levels and intensities and the Fitbench was designed to help transition quickly from one piece of equipment to the next in a safe and neat manner.

Shine X offers high quality equipment

Classes are led by internationally trained instructors with charisma and unique personalities with each 60-minute class alternates the use of treadmills, weights, and stretching for a fast-moving, fun workout where clients can go at their own speed.

Indoor Cycle Design’s architect Douglas Frey, lighting designer Daryl Vaughan and sound expert Kelly Taylor collaborated with Shine X owners Her Royal Highness Princess ‘Azemah Ni’matul Bolkiah and Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Muda Bahar to capture the essence of Shine X.

“We maximised the space to provide a sense of community and encourage human interaction.

“The ‘corridor of power’ has an energetic vibe and leads to well-appointed locker rooms and gathering nooks where conversation and friendships can flourish. The brand was woven into every aspect of the space, and it was extremely to execute their vision and provide Brunei with a world-class studio,” said Frey.

And to maximise the workout experience, Vaughan installed over 180 programmable, high output LED fixtures to produce a series of light shows with suspended X beams in the corridor which were also backlit with illumination. This versatile lighting system, said Vaughan, is unprecedented in Brunei.

The vessel that inspires and motivates is music, hence an immersive sound system featuring robust bass and multiple speakers was developed specifically for Shine X with professional microphones and acoustic panels combine to deliver exceptional acoustics and vocal clarity.