Miri control post should adopt Brunei’s system to mitigate queue

I REFER to ‘Miri control post queue only for two months: Assemblyman’ published in the Weekend Bulletin on July 6.

The system currently being used at the Miri Customs/Immigration post at Sungai Tujoh is torture for Brunei-registered car owners as the procedure is unnecessary.

We don’t have to wait for two months to know whether the system is successful or not.

Based on the first few days, the result has shown that the traffic flow has got worse.

I am not sure if this system was implemented to catch Brunei-registered cars who avoided paying traffic fines accrued in Miri but there is a better way of solving the issue by communicating with Brunei’s Land Transport Department in the spirit of ASEAN.

On the other hand, instead of subjecting drivers to go down from their cars to get their permits checked, the Miri Customs/Immigration could adopt Brunei’s Vehicle Permit system.

Drivers do not have to get out of their cars and it is efficient and more welcoming.

– Hassan Jerudong