Mini enthusiasts gather in Melaka

|     Izah Azahari     |

MEMBERS of the Brunei Mini Owners Association (BMOA) participated in the 60 years of Mini vehicle gathering in Malacca through an invitation extended by the Melaka Mini Owners Club (MMOC) in conjunction with the 11th anniversary of UNESCO World Heritage City Celebration in Melaka, Malaysia recently.

President of BMOA Romzi bin Haji Md Yusof, along with Haji Johri bin Haji Tuah, Haji Amdani bin Haji Ismail and A Ramlee bin Haji Md Yusof led the delegation.

MMOC extended the invitation to Mini vehicle owners from Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak along with Negeri Sembilan and Johor as well as Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore.

The gathering aimed to get to know old and new Mini vehicle owners, which saw the participation of over 400 Mini vehicles.

The event was enlivened with welcoming speeches from the various participating groups, an official opening ceremony, and competitions such as ‘Best of Mini’, ‘Best of Moke’, ‘Best of Morris’, ‘Best of the Best Mini’, and ‘Best of Rocker Cover’.

The event concluded with souvenir and prize presentations by the President of MMOC to club presidents of each country present and a performance by a band.

Brunei Mini Owners Association members receive a souvenir. – PHOTOS: BMOA
Mini vehicles on display