Malaysian police looking for fishermen behind fish bombing incident

KOTA KINABALU (Bernama) – The Malaysian police are looking for the fishermen who allegedly used a fish bomb which resulted in the deaths of two Chinese tourists and a local diving coach in waters off Semporna on Friday.

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah when contacted by Bernama yesterday said the Marine Police Force had been directed to investigate the matter, however, there were no leads as of now.

“We (police) are searching (for the fishermen involved in the fish bombing incident). We have also ordered the marine (police) (to conduct an investigation). The (boat) crew who are currently in the diving area are from small boats. But the problem is, none of them heard the bombs go off (in the area),” he said.

Commenting further, Omar said the Sabah police were committed to stopping fish bombing activities in the state waters. However, the sea is too vast for the authorities to monitor round the clock, and fishermen took advantage of the fact by finding secluded spots or times when patrol boats were not around.

Meanwhile, in Ipoh, Deputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik said the incident was an isolated case, and tourists need not be worried about their safety.

Sabah Police Commissioner Omar Mammah. – BERNAMA