‘Every Second Counts’ in Luminox Code Red Survival course

|      Bahyiah Bakir      |

SINCE 2018, Luminox is proud to be the official partner of the Icelandic Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR).

Exclusive distributor of Luminox in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam Crystal Time invited 18 participants comprising media representatives to join in the Luminox Code Red Survival Course in Kuala Lumpur last June to learn more about search and rescue operations.

The course, with the tagline ‘EVERY SECOND COUNTS’, where time is phrased as a matter of ‘life and death’ situations, was aimed to educate participants about different scenarios happened during various emergencies and how to overcome the situations.

The course was held at Malaysia International Search and Rescue Headquarter (MISAR) in Kuala Lumpur, an hour ride from the airport, trained by founder and Chairman of MISAR Captain K Balasupramaniam. He is also the Director of Code Red Survival Academy.

Upon arrival at the location, we were welcomed and ushered to the main hall for breakfast. Then we had a sharing session about Luminox’s latest collections – ICE SAR Arctic 1200 Series, Navy SEAL 3600 Series, 30th Anniversary Sport Timer 0900 Series Limited Edition and the special edition Malaysian International Search and Rescue (MISAR) collaborative timepiece.

Captain Bala and Crystal Time Senior Brand Manager Pamela Tan during the certificate presentation ceremony. – PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR
Captain Bala with participants during the Flood Operation simulation exercise
Participants wearing Luminox ICE-SAR series. – ANDY KHO
ABOVE & BELOW: FROM LEFT: Media representatives from Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore with representatives from Crystal Time in a group photo; and a participant abseils down a tall structure. – ANDY KHO

Clad in MISAR t-shirt and sleeveless leather jacket, Captain Bala as he is commonly called, took the stage and shared MISAR’s efforts and operations. He also shared his personal thoughts and experiences such as motivation for the field of work, how the operations benefitted him and his team. He also mentioned that Luminox timepiece is suitable for his team because the Luminox Light Technology allows them to keep track of time in any light conditions during their mission.

There were also an interview and briefing sessions prior to the start of the course.

Then participants were assigned to four groups – Navy SEAL, ICE SAR, Commando Frogman and Sea Wolves, which were named after Luminox timepieces.

My team, the Navy SEAL and others were given Luminox watches to experience first-hand the durability of the watch. We were assigned to six emergency simulation missions and were given a time of 30 minutes for each mission. Before the start of our mission, we hacked our watch to synchronise time.

My team and I went to our first assigned mission, a simulation of a road traffic accident (RTA), where we learnt how to extinguish a vehicle fire. With our fire-fighting PPE and gears we were able to clear up the mission in less than 30 minutes. Then our next mission was RTA Extrication, where we were trained on how to operate heavy duty equipment such as cutter, chainsaw and rock drills in order to extricate a victim.

The third mission was RTA Casualty, another road traffic accident simulation, where we learnt to perform first aid and how to move a casualty into an ambulance. We were tested on how well we responded to the emergency situation and how well we were able to work together as a team. We did enjoy our ambulance ride along the busy traffic at Jalan Wirawati, Taman Maluri in Kuala Lumpur.

Our fourth mission was a rescue mission requires extraction of casualties from different terrains and environments. We were trained how to abseil down a tall structure and worked together to move casualties from the ground to a higher platform. This mission helped us to face our fear of heights and understand the importance of teamwork.

Our fifth mission was a search and rescue operation, where we looked for survivors among rubbles and debris using the ResQ17, a wide-angle camera search system with carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor. The search system located survivors by detecting CO2 and communicate with survivors. This mission was the toughest because teamwork, communications, time and information are very crucial.

We had a two-hour break before we proceeded to our last mission. Some of the participants took the opportunity of viewing the latest Luminox timepieces again, some mingled with Captain Bala and his team and some just had their lunch and rest.

The last mission was a Flood Operation Simulation exercise. We were taught on how to rescue civilians during a flood and were shown the right ways using life buoys and inflatable rafts. We took turns to role-play as victim and rescuers during the exercise.

By the end of the day, all four team managed to finish the given missions. Participants also received Code Red Survival Course’s Certificate of Completion which was held at MISAR’s HQ presented by Captain Bala and Crystal Time Senior Brand Manager Pamela Tan.

You must be mentally prepared and be ready for challenges to be a part of a search and rescue team. What we have learnt from the course – communication and teamwork is very important. We are glad to acquire the knowledge and survival skills from the course.