Deaf, mute couple shot dead in Thailand

PATTANI (Bernama) – A deaf and mute husband and wife couple, who were returning home after obtaining treatment at the hospital, were shot dead in Pattani, southern Thailand yesterday.

The couple were riding a motorcycle home in Panare, Pattani from the Pattani Hospital in the incident at Kampung Tolang, Pattani-Narathiwat Road at about 1.30pm.

Yaring District Police Chief, Colonel Police Mustafa Manik said that Rachawud Keawsi, 36, was shot in the chest and died at the scene while his wife, Supassorn Pajjimanon, 28, was shot in the chest and head and died at the Yaring Hospital.

He said that the victims were shot by a group of men wearing masks.

“The group also shot at the police who turned up at the scene when they were fleeing the area. But no one was hurt or killed in the shootout,’’ he added.