David and Victoria Beckham install razor wire fence around country home

DAVID and Victoria Beckham have installed a razor wire fence around their Cotswolds mansion to prevent break-ins.

The celebrity pair have taken the precaution of adding extra security to their luxury family mansion after two break-in attempts in two months but some local residents are not too happy about the unsightly wire.

A source told The Sun newspaper, “I was surprised to find out it didn’t need planning permission. It makes the place look like Colditz.”

The couple also acquired a German shepherd guard dog called Logan to help protect their home.

The first attempted break-in occurred last October while the family were away in Australia and weeks later, security guards chased a man away from the property.

Speaking about the attem-pted break-ins at the time, a source said, “David and Victoria are absolutely devastated by this.

“They are extremely protective of their family and their home life so the thought that people would intrude on that is just so upsetting for them.

“This has hit them hard. Victoria has been upset for the last couple of days about this, it has been so tough for her.”