Contest promotes healthy lifestyle, fosters ties

|     Aziz Idris     |

PRIZES were awarded to winners of the Begawan Fixed Gear contest held in conjunction with the Big BWN Project last Sunday.

Some 50 local fixie enthusiasts participated in the event competing in more than a dozen categories including the Fixie Show High Spec and Simple Spec, Freestyling, Trackstand and Bunnyhop as well as public voting, custom build fixies and the best overall group.

Among the objectives of the event was to promote a healthy lifestyle through cycling and to foster ties among the cycling community. It is hoped the contest will uncover new talents and creativity for fixie owners.

On hand to present prizes was a representative from sponsors. Also present was founder of Begawan Fixed Gear Roslinda binti Haji Mawang.

A winner of the fixie contest. – BEGAWAN FIXED GEAR