Cheryl attended therapy amid anxiety troubles

POP star Cheryl has admitted she attended therapy for a year in a bid to curb her anxiety.

The 36-year-old pop star – who has a two-year-old son called Bear with her ex-boyfriend Liam Payne – has admitted she turned to professional help in an effort to stop her anxiety.

She shared, “I think I actually walked through the fire, to be honest.

“I struggled for so long in silence, I wouldn’t even open up to friends and family. I was very closed. I actually had therapy for a year.

“I struggled for so many years with anxiety and in my own head, thinking things … I didn’t want that to be happening when I was trying to focus on raising a child.

“It felt like my responsibilities shifted and my priorities changed and I needed to be settled in my own head to be able to give him the best that I could possibly give him.”

Cheryl tried to put on a brave face amid her personal troubles.

The brunette beauty also described the abuse she’s received from trolls as “horrible”.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1’s Life Hacks, she explained, “At one point during my teens and my 20s it was horrible.

“You can’t believe people think those things about you, you can’t believe people feel those things about you, you can’t believe people believe the things they read about you.”

Cheryl feels as though she’s been judged by the public, even though her real-life self is often different to the general perception of her.

She said, “These people don’t know you. They have no idea about you as a person or what’s really going on.

“They can say they don’t like your shoes or they don’t like your hair – who cares?” –  BANG!