Campaign raises awareness against plastic bag usage

THE Zero Waste Brunei initiative team members visited St Andrew’s School where they spoke about their upcoming Big Beach Cleanup campaign at the school’s assembly on Monday.

Initiated by Year 8 students, this campaign aimed to be Brunei’s participation in the worldwide ‘Plastic Free July’ campaign and invite the public to come together to keep local beaches clean and plastic free.

This campaign also aimed to raise awareness in local youth and the public towards the long term consequences of using single use plastic ware as well as reduce overall waste that goes to the landfills and beaches.

The ‘No Single Use Plastic Straw and Cutleries’ programme was also launched at the school, beginning each Saturday from this week, and moving on to daily reduction.

The Big Beach Cleanup campaign is scheduled to be held at Muara Beach tomorrow and is open to the public.

ABOVE & BELOW: Students during the event; and during the launch of ‘No Single Use Plastic Straw and Cutleries’ programme