Bryce Dallas Howard’s father mistook Jessica Chastain for daughter

BRYCE Dallas Howard’s father Ron mistook Jessica Chastain for his actress daughter.

Jessica said, “Before my career took off, I remember one time being on the subway and I was looking at a magazine and there was a picture of her, like a small picture, and I was like ‘What am I doing in this magazine?’ I actually had that thought.

“Another time I was at the Apple store and Ron Howard was there. And I was walking by and I was like, ‘That’s Ron Howard’ and then my friend was with me [and] he said he turned to someone and said ‘I think I just saw Bryce’. We look so much alike.”

Bryce previously revealed he is often mistaken for Jessica.

She said, “It’s such a compliment, you know? It’s funny: when I don’t wear make-up, nobody ever mistakes me for Jess, but whenever I put make-up on and look half-presentable, it’s, ‘Ah! Jessica Chastain.’ I’m like, ‘Thank you, I must look hygienic today’.

“My kids are the only ones who have not mistaken me for Jessica Chastain. I cannot say the same for my parents, though.”

Bryce and Jessica poked fun at their regular cases of mistaken identity in video on the Zero Dark Thirty star’s Instagram page, in which Bryce lip-synced along to Legolambs’ viral song I Am Not Jessica Chastain.

Bryce said, “My friend emailed me about that video. I was like, ‘This is brilliant!’ We did a Dubsmash, and Jessica was dying.” – BANG!