All Baiduri Bank ATM to dispense BND50 notes alongside other denominations by year end

WE REFER to the letter ‘ATMs should dispense more denominations of BND currency’ by Old Timer published in the Opinion Page of the Weekend Bulletin on June 28.

We would like to inform the writer and the public that 70 per cent of our total ATM network are already dispensing BND50 currency notes besides BND10 and BND100 notes.

By the end of the year, every Baiduri ATM will be able to dispense BND50 notes besides the other denominations.

In addition, for the convenience of customers planning a trip abroad, our ATM at the Brunei International Airport also dispenses three major foreign currencies – Euros, US Dollar and Singapore Dollar in denominations of USD50, EUR50 and SGD50 currency notes besides BND50.

The public can also deposit BND polymer notes at our Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) in denominations of BND1, BND5, BND10, BND50, BND100 and BND500 subject to a limit of 100 pieces per transaction.

The public can contact our 24-hour Customer Helpline on 2449666 or visit for information about our electronic banking products and services.

– Group Electronic Banking & Trade Services, Baiduri Bank