Allow college, university graduates to take part in BPTV

I WOULD like to call upon the Ministry of Education (MoE) to revisit the issue of the Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship Scheme (BPTV).

Ever since I graduated college, I have not been able to land any jobs.

Even when I did, it wasn’t a stable career. I was mostly let down by employers who took advantage of people desperate for a job.

After experiencing all that, I decided to further continue my studies.

I acknowledge that the government offers various scholarship options and most have a high requirement. I am aware this is to ensure that only eligible applicants are sent to overseas institutions.

For the BPTV, I understand that the scheme is to allow local ‘O’ Level graduates to pursue higher education and financially assist eligible students who are unable to fund their education.

However, an issue with the scheme is that one of the requirements entails having three or less ‘O’ Levels.

Is it possible for the MoE to revise the rules and allow college and university graduates, especially those who have a hard time finding a job, to take part in the scheme?

This will allow graduates to gain additional skills in Technical and Vocational educations which will help in the long-run.

The MoE’s response is appreciated and I hope this issue can be brought up at the next Legislative Council meeting.

– Kamaluddin M