Over 300 smoking offences recorded in first six months

|     Azlan Othman     |

A TOTAL of 326 offences under the Tobacco Order 2005 have been recorded by the Health Enforcement Unit, Ministry of Health (MoH) from January to June this year.

Of this total, 314 people including 18 women were fined under Section 14 (2) of the Tobacco Order 2005 for smoking in prohibited places; 11 people were found guilty of violating Section 10 (1) for smoking by minors; and one person was found to have committed an offence under Section 6 (2) concerning the owning and selling of artificial tobacco products.

Enforcement operations conducted during the month of Ramadhan meanwhile resulted in the discovery of 22 individuals, including a woman, committing the offence of smoking in prohibited places. All 22 were fined under Section 14 (2) of the Tobacco Order 2005.

The Tobacco Order 2005 and its regulations are intended to control smoking and protect the public from being exposed to cigarette smoke.

The Health Enforcement Unit, MoH will issue a BND300 fine for the first offence under this Order. For the second offence and subsequent offences, a fine of BND500 will be levied.

The Tobacco Order 2005 also requires managers of premises where smoking is prohibited to ensure that smoking ban notices are displayed at strategic locations at the premises. They are also expected to carry out their responsibilities in ensuring that customers and the public do not smoke in areas where smoking is prohibited under their jurisdiction.

Premises managers who fail to discharge these responsibilities can be fined BND500 for each offence.

Non-smoking public areas include government buildings, shophouses, shopping malls, markets, stalls, bus stations, bus stops, restaurants, eateries and any area within six metres of the building line where smoking is prohibited.

The public may report incidences of public smoking to the Health Enforcement Unit by calling its 7192005 hotline or sending an email to [email protected]