MoH conducts Health Ambassador Programme

|    Azlan Othman    |

THE Ministry of Health (MoH) through the Health Promotion Centre in collaboration with the Kampong Bebuloh Village Consultative Council yesterday ran its Health Ambassador Programme at Kampong Bebuloh, Mukim Pengkalan Batu.

The community-based intervention is one of the health approaches taken by the MoH to manage and prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among high-risk individuals.

The strategy was adopted to reach out to communities not having ready access to healthcare via traditional settings.

The Health Ambassador Programme represents one of these strategies, a cost-effective method to encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyles among communities and promote improvements in health through focus on disease prevention and control.

The programme will be facilitated by appointed health ambassadors tasked with planning and overseeing activities on the prevention and control of NCDs, including working with government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and local education institutions.

This is the first time the Health Ambassador Programme is held in Mukim Pengkalan Batu. Activities carried out as part of the programme include hygiene-related activities at school and physical activities for all ages, including children and senior citizens.

MoH hoped that the programme will be extended to other mukims and villages in the country, thus realising its goal of involving the whole community in reducing the rate of NCDs in the country, and realising the Brunei Vision 2035 aspiration of improving the quality of life of all people in Brunei Darussalam.

Activities during the Health Ambassador Programme. – AZLAN OTHMAN