Thai Customs seize over 598.62M baht worth of goods in five months

BANGKOK (Bernama) – Thailand’s Customs Department seized various goods, including smuggled luxurious items, counterfeit products and drugs worth about 598.62 million baht between October last year and February this year.

Thailand Customs Department spokesperson Chaiyuth Kamkoon said the seizure comprised 17,659 pieces of smuggled luxurious goods worth 166.618 million baht, and 110,322 pieces of counterfeit products worth 121.730 million baht. “Also seized were various types of drugs including heroin, cocaine and Yaba pills worth 137.914 million baht,” he said.

Chaiyuth said they had also confiscated 13.529 million cigarettes worth 60.946 million baht, 12,216 bottles of alcoholic beverages worth 4.2 million baht and 991,476 litres of fuel worth 23.21 million baht.

“We have also foiled several attempts to smuggle in protected animals species listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) worth 40.39 million baht.