Briefing on local, foreign workforce ratio, foreign workers levy

|    Rokiah Mahmud    |

THE Labour Department, Ministry of Home Affairs recently held a briefing session on the Local and Foreign Workforce Ratio (NTA) and Foreign Workers Levy for company owners and employers in the wholesale and retail sector.

The briefing session was held at the auditorium of JobCentre Brunei.

The goal of the session was to relay information on the NTA and Foreign Workers Levy and obtain feedback on them from the session participants.

The talk helped the employers in making early preparations to ensure their local and foreign worker makeup falls within the ratio required.

The NTA is a policy introduced by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) through the Labour Department.

The Foreign Workers Licence is based on this ratio, which is assigned to each sector and industry.

The purpose of the NTA is to create employment opportunities for locals by controlling the number of foreign workers hired.

Acting Commissioner of Labour Muhammad Saufi bin Haji Ibrahim chairs the briefing session
Attendees at the briefing

The Foreign Workers Levy meanwhile is a fee to be imposed on employers that hire and employ foreign workers.

The briefing session was chaired by the Acting Commissioner of Labour Muhammad Saufi bin Haji Ibrahim and facilitated by Assistant Commissioner of Labour Nurlailani binti Abdullah Andry.

Panel members from JobCentre Brunei and representatives from the Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry were also present.

The briefing was also conducted on February 21 at the Ministry of Development Training Centre and Authority for Building Control and Construction Industry for owners of companies and employers in the construction sector.

On March 2 the briefing was held for employers in the education sector, specifically for those in the sub-sectors of formal private education (National Curriculum) and private institutions of higher learning.

The briefings will continue to be held in stages for their target audience throughout the country.

Members of the public who wish to find out more about the implementation of the NTA and Foreign Workers Levy policies may send an email to [email protected]