Indonesia recaptures French drug suspect after jailbreak

MATARAM, Indonesia (AFP) – A French drug suspect on the run since escaping from an Indonesian jail nearly two weeks ago has been recaptured, police said yesterday.

Felix Dorfin – who faces the death penalty if convicted – was found hiding in a forest in North Lombok on Friday night, police said, and was returned to jail in Mataram, capital of the island.

Wearing dishevelled black clothes and looking tired, Dorfin initially tried to bribe officers to let him go.

“He didn’t resist arrest, but wanted to bribe our officers,” North Lombok Police Chief Herman Suriyono said yesterday, adding he was found following a tip-off from locals in the area.

After being checked by medical teams he was returned to jail.

The 35-year-old Frenchman was arrested in September allegedly carrying a false-bottomed suitcase filled with four kilogrammes of drugs – including cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines – at the airport on the holiday island next to Bali.

On Friday, officials said a female police officer had been arrested for allegedly helping Dorfin escape in exchange for Rp14.5 million (around USD1,000).

Frenchman Felix Dorfin (C) is under escort yesterday after escaping from jail in Mataram on the holiday island of Lombok, helped by a police officer who received USD1,000 from him. – AFP