Two days of clashes near Libya capital leave 10 dead

TRIPOLI (AFP) – Two days of clashes between rival militias near Libya’s capital Tripoli have left 10 people dead and 41 wounded, the Health Ministry said on Thursday.

Fighting between armed groups erupted on Wednesday despite a truce deal four months ago that had halted deadly battles in the city.

A medical source told AFP that fierce clashes hit an area some 50 kilometres south of Tripoli on Thursday, after fighting around an airport 25 kilometres from the capital the previous day.

The violence has pitted the Tripoli Protection Force, an alliance of militias from the city, against the Seventh Brigade group from the town of Tarhuna.

The Health Ministry said that there were women and children among the wounded.

Tripoli was plagued by militia clashes that killed at least 117 people and wounded more than 400 between late August and late September.