TESL students join university programme abroad

|     Izah Azahari     |

EDUCATION is the linchpin of progress, and globalisation has increased the need for English proficiency. One study, however, found that less than one per cent of public-school teachers are instructors of English as a Second Language (ESL). With the increased diversity that comes with globalisation, not only are more ESL teachers needed but also cultural competency.

Three students from the Bachelor in Education Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) (Honours) of the Management and Science University’s (MSU) School of Education and Social Sciences (SESS) went on the MSU Global Mobility Programme (GMP) to the Education Unviersity of Hong Kong (EdUHK).

The students were Nur Farhah Amirah binti Hisham, Siti Nur Aisyah binti Shahrul Malik, and Amirah Nadiah binti Dahalil.

Joining EdUHK’s community programme – ‘Teaching English Vocabulary Through Songs’, they found themselves creating an inclusive learning experience for the primary students they engaged with.

Nur Farhah Amirah said they were exposed to all the academic facilities at EdUHK, and made full use of the resource centre to research journals and articles on education which was open 24 hours.

Students during the programme. – MSU

In another activity on EdUHK’s Learn Globally, ‘Cultural Showcase’ had more than 500 university members enjoying a multicultural afternoon of fashion, dances, traditional music, food and games.

Local students mingled with their peers from Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Sweden and Switzerland.

“We were acting ambassadors, joining other international students promoting the foods of our own country!” said Amirah Nadiah.

Siti Nur Aisyah added the opportunity to make new friends with local as well as international students was priceless.

“My GMP experience at EdUHK has given me a new perspective on cultural diversity and inter-cultural communication,” said Siti Nur Aisyah.

TESL is offered at foundation, diploma, bachelor, and master programmes. The MSU GMP facilitates semesters of study abroad at partner universities in over 40 countries.