Ten people honoured as 2018 grassroots heroes

BEIJING (Xinhua) – Ten people were honoured as the 2018 grassroots heroes at an award ceremony at Communication University of China over the weekend.

The laureates include Cering Dandar, an environmentalist who collected garbage on Mount Qomolangma despite the extreme weather conditions, and Yu Qiliang, a primary-level official who suffered from cancer but still dedicated himself to poverty alleviation in Shiqian County, southeast China’s Guizhou Province.

Other winners include a teacher, a police officer, a university student, a fireman and a street cleaner.

The candidates were nominated either for their good deeds reported by Xinhua News Agency or recommended by other institutions. The final laureates were decided through online voting and experts review.

The event has been held eight times since it was established in 2010, aiming to encourage the good deeds of ordinary people and convey positive energy throughout Chinese society.