Sports crucial for holistic student development

THE Ministry of Education (MoE) would like to thank Wishing for Domestic School League for the letter published in the Opinion page of the Weekend Bulletin on January 12

The MoE would like to thank the writer for the interest in more structured organisation of sports activities and appreciates the suggestion put forward.

The ministry agrees with the writer on the benefits of activities such as leagues in sports to our students.

The Department of Co-Curriculum Education under the MoE continues to facilitate/organise various sports competitions in schools on a regular and annual basis albeit not in a league form.

Schools, too, organise inter-house competitions to encourage active and healthy lifestyle among students.

Such activities/competitions carry value-added elements crucial to the development of a holistic student and are normally done after classes (extra class/co-curricular activities) or during non-exam season.

The writer’s suggestion shall be considered in tandem with other important aspects such as academic development and time of our students.

– Ministry of Education