Sean Paul: Shay Mitchell is a dope actress

SEAN Paul is “proud” of Shay Mitchell for her acting success, after she starred in his 2009 music video for Hold My Hand.

The 46-year-old rapper cast the Pretty Little Liars star in his video 10 years ago before she secured her role as Emily Fields in the ABC drama show, and has said he’s pleased to see her doing so well a decade later.

In a video posted to his official Vevo YouTube channel in which he took part in the #TenYearChallenge – where people reflect on their lives a decade ago – he said, “Hold My Hand. That was also in 2009. The video kinda called for me to do a little more acting. The lead girl in the video with me was, at the time, not known. A few years later she became the Shay Mitchell that we all know from Pretty Little Liars, and I’m so proud of her.”

The No Lie hitmaker then dubbed her as a “dope actress” after seeing her recent work in Netflix psychological thriller series You, in which she plays Peach Salinger.

He added, “I just saw her on another Netflix film called You. She’s still a dope actress and she’s very huge right now, so big up to her.”

During the video, Sean also discusses other 2009 hits including Press It Up and So Fine, as well as touching on his fashion style at the time.

Looking at a picture of himself from 2009, he said, “It’s crazy. That really was 10 years ago? The braids, the shirt … I remember the shirt, that was 2009. Yeah, I was a kid bro. Even though I thought I was the biggest man in the world. I’d had hits up to that point where I was still a kid. But I think I’ve been on the right path, even through the mohawk years.” – BANG!