Rohingya child becomes Hafiz at MKM-sponsored school

|     Hakim Hayat     |

A 12-YEAR-OLD Rohingya refugee has become the first Hafiz Al-Quran for a school and orphanage at Unchiprang Refugee Camp, Cox Bazar, Bangladesh that is being sponsored by the Brunei Council on Social Welfare (MKM).

Mohd Faysol, who along with his parents fled from Rakhine sometime in October 2017, was placed in the school’s Tahfiz Programme after being identified as a fast learner.

He managed to memorise Al-Quran under this programme, a feat that was reviewed and certified by a group of imams recently.

Since March 2018, MKM has collaborated with international charity Gifting Humanity to run the school, called ‘MKM-Gifting Humanity School & Orphanage’, for Rohingyan refugee children at Unchiprang.

The school, which currently has 500 students aged between three and 15, is comprised of an office building, living quarters, nine classrooms, a dining room, and a kitchen.

Around 120 of the students are orphans. Male orphans are housed at the school, while female orphans are being taken care of by foster guardians. Of the 500 students, 100 are enrolled in the ‘Tahfiz’ (Quran memorisation) programme.

MKM President Mohd Yusof Halim commented of Mohd Faysol, “We are very pleased with Faysol. He is an exceptional student. To be a Hafiz at the age of 12 is awe-inspiring to all of us, including the other students. We hope to be blessed with more students becoming Hafiz and Hafizah this year.”

A group of MKM members led by Mohd Yusof Halim will leave for the refugee camp this month to distribute food packs to some 4,600 families as well as cook lunches for refugee children for two days.

Mohd Faysol. – MKM