New applicants for govt housing accommodation given priority

THE Public Service Department, Prime Minister’s Office would like to thank Unfairly Treated BSB for the letter highlighting the application for government housing accommodation published in the Opinion page of the Borneo Bulletin on January 9.

Applications for government housing accommodation are divided into two main categories.

New Application are applications from government officers who have not received government housing accommodation yet.

Transfer Application, are those applications from government officers who are already staying in government housing, but are applying for transfer to a different housing due to several reasons, such as, housing maintenance, promotion, natural disaster etc.

One of the main challenges faced in providing government housing accommodation is the increasing number of new applicants from time to time, while the number of available government housing remains limited.

Due to this, new applicants who have not received government housing accommodation are given priority, while applicants in the waiting list for transfer are also provided with the accommodation once their queue number is reached, and the appropriate housing is available.

In spite of that, transfer applications are also reviewed from time to time to evaluate their urgency depending on the nature of the respective application.

With regard to the sustainability of allocating applications to newer private-owned properties rather than to existing flats, this is a more sustainable approach as the cost of maintenance of existing government properties are higher.

In this respect, the Public Service Department, Prime Minister’s Office will continue to work closely with the relevant agencies and parties on moving forward with the matter, taking into account today’s requirements and factors as mentioned.

For any enquiries, you are can consult the Housing Unit, Personnel Services Division, 3rd floor, Public Service Department, or email at [email protected]

– Public Relations and Coordination Unit

Public Service Department

Prime Minister’s Office