MoRA committed to handling issues pertaining to new school in Rimba

WITH reference to the letters ‘Parents’ concern on safety of school’ by Concerned Parent and ‘New school causing traffic congestion in Rimba’ by Rimba Bara published in the Opinion pages of the Borneo Bulletin and Weekend Bulletin on January 2 and 5, respectively, the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) would like to thank the writers for the matters highlighted.

The ministry would like to clarify that the installation of railings is in accordance to the standard PBDB12 as required by the building (Local standard).

The building has a number of staircases and seven vertical lifts to facilitate persons with disabilities.

There are currently 1,700 students and the school has enough chairs and tables to accommodate up to 1,800 students.

With regards to the lack of praying areas, students are currently performing prayers in the Multipurpose Hall and the student hostel’s surau while waiting for the development of a permanent surau building in the near future.

Meanwhile, discussions have been made with the authorities in handling the traffic congestion in the school area.

The ministry is committed in handling the issue and will be implementing some approaches given during the discussion as soon as possible.

Parents and guardians of students are advised to always obey the traffic regulations, not to park their cars along the entrance and exit of the school as well as to drop or pick up their children in the area provided for their safety.

The ministry would like to thank parents’ and guardians’ understanding and patience on these matters.

The ministry is always striving to provide the best effort for the comfort of all involved parties.

– Ministry of Religious Affairs